Emigrating Norwegians

En slags jul // Some kind of Christmas

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Det er ikke snø. Det er ikke kaldt engang. Men i går kveld fant jeg julestemningen! Vi ble invitert på pinnekjøttmiddag hos våre norske venner her, og de nailet det. Så godt!

– – –

There’s no snow. It’s not even cold outside. But last night I finally got that special Christmas feeling thanks to our Norwegian friends that invited us over for a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner! They really nailed it!



På onsdagen var vi på “snowed in” fest på Sunset Strip sammen med naboene, og det var også veldig gøy. Dog litt for mye fireball (whiskey) kombinert med altfor mange grelle julegensere ble litt i overkant mye.. Av alt..! Haha, neida, vi hadde det kjempemoro!

– – –

We also went to a “snowed in” party at the Sunset Strip on Wednesday to soak up some x-mas vibes with our neighbors, but there was just so much fireball whiskey and ugly crazy Christmas sweaters.. It was almost too much! But I have to admit we had a lot of fun, though!




Så nå kan julen bare komme. Vi er klare! // So come on Christmas – we are ready for you now!

Author: Sara

I’m a Norwegian girl who is leaving the cold, icy north together with my husband to find out what’s happening on the other side of the world, more specifically Los Angeles.

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