Emigrating Norwegians

Universal Studios

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Siden Mette og Anine har leid seg fancy cabriolet tok vi like så gjerne den og kjørte til Universal Studios hvor vi har tilbragt dagen. Det var fantastisk å være der en onsdag i februar kontra en lørdag i juli. Null kø!

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Since Mette and Anine have rented a cab we drove that to Universal Studios today instead of our old wreck of a Ford. That was a lot of fun (and wind)! And I must say – being at Universal Studios on a Wednesday in February sure beats being there on a Saturday in July! No lines!



Det er ikke bare bare å holde håret på plass i cab’en, men Mette er like blid! // It’s not just easy to control the hair do in a cab, but Mette isn’t too worried about it.



På Universal City Walk. Tydeligvis hadde vi problemer med å oppføre oss som folk.. Gøy har vi det iallefall! // At Universal City Walk. It was obviously hard to behave, but we had fun!


Per Christian sa han var sulten utenfor Krystyland, og det er jo det samme som å be om en kjempedoughnut! // Per Christian said he was hungry when we were right outside Krustyland, and that’s the same as asking for a huge doughnut!


På vei hjem kjørte vi selvfølgelig gjennom Mulholland Drive for å se på utsikten.. // On our way home we did the mandatory stop at Mulholland Drive..


Author: Sara

I’m a Norwegian girl who is leaving the cold, icy north together with my husband to find out what’s happening on the other side of the world, more specifically Los Angeles.

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