Emigrating Norwegians

Festen i går // Yesterdays outfit


I dag har vi endelig fått levert leiebilen. Vi måtte stå opp altfor tidlig med tanke på hvor sent det ble i går for å hente den hos de vi var hos. Men det går bra, for nå er vi kvitt den!

Gårsdagen var morsom og spennende. Vi var hos de norske vennene våre i Hollywood Hills på middag før vi dro på kostymefest i en diger mansion. Temaet var sporty sexy. Vi andre prøvde hardt, men jeg tror faktisk Per Christian tok kaka 🙂

– – –

We finally returned our rental car today. We had to get up way to early considering how late it got yesterday to get the car where we left it. But who cares, we have our own car and the rental is history!

Yesterday was fun and exciting. We were invited to dinner at our Norwegian friends’ house in the Hollywood Hills before we all went to a costume party in a huge mansion. The theme was sporty sexy. We all tried hard, but I think Per Christian won 🙂





Author: Sara

I’m a Norwegian girl who is leaving the cold, icy north together with my husband to find out what’s happening on the other side of the world, more specifically Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “Festen i går // Yesterdays outfit

  1. Hi- I found the blog because Kari (Per Christian’s mother) lived with my family in San Francisco in the 1970s, helping care for me and my younger brother- she will always feel like a part of our family, and you by extension. I hope my home state of California is good to you! My family doesn’t live in the US right now, we live on a sailboat and travel all the time. Maybe someday we will find ourselves in the same place?

    • Hi Behan, we’re glad to hear from you. Kari has talked a lot about San Francisco. We love California! Life on a sailboat doesn’t sound so bad either. That’s really cool 🙂 I hope we will meet you some day.
      – Sara & Per Christian

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